Ashley (bbthatsme) wrote in jossoscars,

Regarding nominations

Nominations will be closed starting TOMORROW. Voting will not be posted until after that 4th of July weekend, sorry. I'm going home and taking a break from the world! It would be great if someone with a paid account could help me out again with the voting process. Not having a paid account = Sucky situation. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.

Also, there was no community of the week as there were no nominations. Please remember to nominate a community you love!

One last thing, now that voting is about to start, don't forget to change up those banners/buttons and get people in your communities to VOTE FOR YOU. The best way to win is to send your community members over here to vote for ya. I'm hoping for a much better turn out than we got last time.

Good luck everyone and have a GREAT 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND!
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