Ashley (bbthatsme) wrote in jossoscars,

Friendly Reminder

For those of you who mod/co-mod a Jossverse community --

Don't forget that you may use any of the banner and button codes to inform members to nominate your community. This is also a good way to promote jossoscars and get other members from communities to check us out.

When the voting round of this season starts there are also (as you will see behind this lj-cut) voting banner and button codes that y'all may use.

Nominate a community/mod for a Joss Oscar
Nominate a community for Community of the Week

Also, for my eyes only, what do you guys think of the progress of this community? Good? Bad? Decent? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm having fun with this and I want you guys to have fun too! My goal, as I've stated numerous times before, is to recognize amazing Jossverse communities and make you all aware of these great communities. I know that because of this community I've checked out numerous communities I would have never known about. So what do you all think?
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